Environment and Climate

The Federal Government has developed a number of framework programmes aimed at progressing the Energy Transition in Germany, stopping climate change, and raising awareness for the importance of sustainability for ecology, economy and society.

Nachhaltige Entwicklung
Saving our planet for future generations is the primary goal of a sustainable development. © Lucas Allen

The framework programme “Research for Sustainable Development” (FONA) implements the national sustainability strategy and is part of the Federal Government's Hightech Strategy. The strategy aims to ensure that Germany remains a technological leader, while promoting sustainability and climate protection.

Global mega-trends such as population growth and the globalisation of the markets increase demands on natural resources. With FONA and the national sustainability strategy Germany is setting a trend for a more efficient use of resources. Research into the sustainable use of resources contributes to the Federal Government's Resource Strategy, the Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change, and Hightech Strategy, as well as the EU flagship initiative “A Resource-Efficient Europe”.